Thursday, August 28, 2008

My film

Hi this is a short film i did while studying at vanarts.. It was a fun process to learn so much.. hope u enjoy.

Dialogue Exercises

This dialogue was a school project.. We were given the model and the dialogue and told to animate..

The Model and the dialogue were given to us again by school.. Only Animation done by me.

Run and Walk Cycle

A casual walk cycle done at 24 fps..

I tried to show that Red was not to happy about something... Walk done at 24fps

Pom's walk is done at 30 fps..

Horse Walk..

Dog Run..


Winning entry for Animation Contest for Southern Spice music channel..India. I was one of the animators working on the project.

A small part of my 2d project.. This was a team project done by 6 people. This part of the film was done by me.. Enjoy...


Dot Rendering
Dot rendering of the Shore Temple in Mahabalipuram, Chennai, India..

Life drawing

Medium Pose